He had just turned 10 when the world ended.

At first it was fun because some of the teachers stopped showing up at school.


Whether you are sitting around a fire or at your local watering hole with friends, curled up with a paperback or spinning a bedtime yarn on the fly – what matters is the story. The rest is just the distribution method. And thanks to eBooks, distribution just got a whole lot easier. Indie publishers have direct access to their readers. Readers have access to books at substantially reduced prices. And the trees are breathing a whole lot easier.

Pectopah Publications is excited to be part of it. But we haven’t thrown the baby out with the bathwater. We still believe in peer-review vetting, story editors, copy editors, graphic designers and publicity. We like plot development, complicated characters, poignant moments and some laughs. And like everyone else – we love a good story.


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Kayla had worried about homesickness when she showed up at Atherley College, but by the second week she was more concerned about where she could buy a gun. Learn More